Tuesday, 22 December 2015

A Tryst of Tradition and Modernization – Latest Designer Sarees Collection

It is said that nothing makes a woman look as beautiful as a saree does. True to every word, the saree isn’t simply a drape of cloth. It is a gilded agglomeration of culture, diversity, heritage and sensuousness. Walking into any modern day boutique we will find adorned on the shelves and mannequins traditional sarees and latest designer sarees collection alike.

The saree is the oldest and perhaps the only extant unstitched garment from the past which is still widely adorned and adored throughout the world. Fashion is dynamic and progressive, and hence with the advent of modern times fashion trends keep modifying and altering themselves to cater to the demands of the present day. This led to the creation of a modern day marvel – the designer saree. Almost all modern day boutiques have their own touch of creativity in their latest designer sarees collection, designer party wear sarees. We can also avail the facilities of purchasing designer sarees online through a hoard of upscale, ethnic apparel brands trading their products through the World Wide Web.

History Behind The Indian Fashion
India has been tread on by a multitude of people and numerous dynasties from era to era only to be usurped by more powerful rulers supervening them. The Mauryans to Guptas; Cholas to Rashtrakutas; Mughals to British; each era has contributed and extended its culture, traditions, food and fashion to India. Countless poets and patrons have come and gone and amidst all this have left by relics which we craft into modern day fashion and art leading to lastest designer sarees collections and modern designer party wear sarees.

It is believed that the saree was a contribution of the Indus Valley Civilisation in 1800 – 2800 B.C. Reformed and propagated by the Aryans, the saree is a wide piece of cloth ranging from five to nine yards in length. It is worn above a skirt like garment called ‘peticoat’ where it is tucked, spun around, pleated and finally draped as per style. There are around 80 different styles to drape a saree.

Modern day sarees have proved to be a canvass for ingenious minds of fashion designers. In the minds of an artist, tradition and modernisation can exist in perfect harmony and the same is emancipated through their productions and stocks of latest designer sarees collection and designer party wear sarees.

Big players like Sabyasachi Mukherjee; Manish Malhotra; J.J Valaya; Ritu Kumar; Rohit Bal roll out exclusive collections from their workshops every year and market them through high voltage fashion shows and events spread across India. Though these are for the cream of clients, many freelance designers and professional designers have immaculate boutiques where one can explore designer party wear sarees collection and of course buy designer sarees online.

An artwork of eminence, the latest designer sarees collection is found in almost every modern day upscale Indian girl’s wardrobe. It gives us the ease of comfort dressing, look of the modern era and at the same time maintains our traditional edge.


  1. Nice collection and among all i like banarasi sarees as they are really glossy to wear on auspicious occassions like wedding or festive